Love What You Live in With PINK Campus Essentials

by Tamara Feingol

The PINK Campus Essentials line, which features yoga leggings, racerback tanks, lace bandeaus, and shorts, is thoroughly spot-on when it comes to daily campus wear. These pieces are the staples of busy university students with no time for excessively planned outfits in the morning and for those who refuse to wear tight jeans for long hours in the lecture hall.

Unlike other clothing lines preparing for the 2012 back-to-school shopping frenzy with trendy statement pieces and eye-catching accessories, this Campus Essentials like is exceedingly practical. Comfort is key and the models lounging in fleecy sweatpants and oversized boyfriend-style tees are temptingly informal compared to uptight runway walkers.

PINK has always managed to make the sloppy stylish, but this line especially achieves anti-drab looks by using bright pinks, purples, and blues in designs that are airy and relaxed without being overly pajama-like.

Check out the line when planning your back-to-school looks this year, because as much as you want to stay stylish and professional, it’s always tempting to give in to some comfy days. Especially for finals week and other times of teeming to-do lists, throw on some campus shorts with a racerback tank. The collection even includes backpacks so you can stash your supplies when rushing to catch the bus.

This year, instead of feeling guilty about repeatedly donning those inviting yoga pants, feel confident that you’ve managed an active look with your new PINK pieces and indulge in the casual.

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