The Best Scary Movies to See this Halloween

By Serena Piper

Do You Like Scary Movies? The Best Ones to See this Halloween

Part of living better is learning what makes you happy and doing more of it. One of the most enjoyed sources of entertainment and happiness is going to the movies with friends and family. This fall, even though school is starting and work may be picking up, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy… er, you know what I mean. Take a break from whatever seems to be taking up most of your time and get into the Halloween spirit with a scary movie. Here are your choices:

Hotel Transylvania


Opens September 28 – Directors of children’s movies are great at coming up with fresh movie plots, like this one whose tagline is “where monsters go to get away from it all.” Adam Sandler plays Dracula, owner of a five-stake (get it?) resort, who invites some of the world’s most famous monsters for a weekend away. When an ordinary guy takes a shining to his daughter, Dracula has to figure out how to deal.



Opens October 5 – How about a date night with the kids? Frankenweenie is about the troubling adventure that follows after a boy tries to bring his dog back to life.



Opens October 12 – Ethan Hawke stars as a crime novelist who unknowingly moves into a haunted house with his family. When he finds footage explaining the murders that happened there, he puts himself in supernatural’s way.

Paranormal Activity 4


Opens October 19 – You just knew they’d make another P.A., right? Katie, our main character from P.A.’s 1-3, returns as she moves into a new house with her son, Hunter. But where Katie moves, trouble follows, as their new neighbors take on Katie’s unfortunate luck with hauntings.

Silent Hill: Revelations


Opens October 26 – Heather Mason is on the run with her father from evil forces she doesn’t understand. On the eve of her 18th birthday, Heather discovers she’s not who she thought she was… perfect timing since she’s having scary nightmares and her father has just gone missing.

I know which movies I’ll be catching! How about you?

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