How To Create Crayon Art

By Lexi Reeve

I’ve seen a lot of pictures recently of this type of crayon art on Pinterest and felt inspired to try it! Thankfully it’s not that difficult to implement and the results are beautiful. There are many variations of crayon art currently circulating around the Internet, but the one I’m going to tell you how to do is simply melted crayons on canvas.

Step 1: Find a canvas at a local art supply store. I went to Aaron Brothers to find my canvas. They have a lot of sales and two for one deals so it’s always a safe bet. I chose a canvas that was wider rather than longer because I like the effect of the melted crayons covering the entire art piece.

Step 2: Buy a box of crayons. I wanted a variety of different colors so I went to Michaels and got their box of 24 crayons. I then placed my crayons on the top edge of the canvas and moved them around until I had them in the order I wanted. I wanted the pink to be in the middle (it’s my favorite color) so I started there and continued to the ends with each color matching on either side. However, a lot of people chose to ascend the colors in the style of a rainbow, so that’s always an option.

Step 3: Find a glue gun. Once you have selected the pattern of your crayons, start gluing them onto the canvas using a hot glue gun. It’s the only way that they’ll stay on once you start blow drying them. Once they’re on the canvas, let them cool for a while so that the glue can dry.

Step 4: Start blow-drying! But first, remember to set down newspaper under your canvas so that you don’t get crayon wax everywhere! Once that’s done, find an old hair dryer to melt the crayons. It will take a while for the hair dryer to heat up enough to start melting the wax, so be patient! To create the effect you want, you can either aim your hair dryer to the side of the crayons to create a splatter effect, or straight on if you want the crayons to melt downward. Have fun with it! Once you’ve melted the crayons, let the canvas cool so that you don’t accidentally drip wax everywhere.

Step 5: Select a place to hang your art!

This project is so much fun to do, it’s inexpensive to make, and it looks great! It is a perfect project to do with children because it doesn’t require a lot of time. Whatever you do, just have fun with it and be creative!

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