Kid In a Candy Shop: A Whirlwind Look at My First Few Days In Spain

By Laura Witherspoon

My first day in Oviedo has been a whirlwind for sure, but in the best way possible. Traveling to Oviedo went well except for a little scare in Madrid when I and two other girls (from my program that I met in Dallas) almost missed our connecting flight to Oviedo because security took so long. After we landed in Oviedo we took the bus from the airport to our AHA International office where our host parents were to pick us up.

Beautiful countryside near Oviedo, Spain, photo copyright Laura Witherspoon

The bus ride from the airport to Oviedo was really pretty with lush green hillsides. After my host parents picked me up, I walked around Oviedo with my host mom. The city is incredibly beautiful and historic. For a city with as much culture and history as it has, I’m surprised Oviedo isn’t more popular with tourists.

Stay tuned for more news from Oviedo!

Historic Oviedo Cathedral, photo copyright Fernando García

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