The Final Stretch

By Laura Witherspoon

It’s my last week at home before I embark on my adventure of living abroad in Oviedo, Spain. As the date slowly approaches, I’m getting more anxious and excited.  I know it’s an experience of a lifetime, but I can’t help but get the butterflies.

Every time I tell someone that I’m going to Oviedo, I almost always receive the same response, “Oh, where is that? I’ve never heard of that city.” So let me give you all a little info about my home away from home for the next couple of months. Oviedo is the capital of Asturias, the northern province of Spain. I learned from past travelers the climate is similar to that of Eugene, Oregon. I was hoping to avoid the rain but c’est la vie!

Frankly, I chose this program because I missed the deadline for the Seville program and to my surprise, I’m really happy I did. I think it will be a better experience to live in a lesser-known city that isn’t flocked with tourists. English is not as common in Oviedo unlike Barcelona or Madrid, so it will be the perfect place to hone my Spanish skills.

Another interesting aspect of this adventure is that I will be living with a host family, something definitely outside of my comfort zone. I’ve heard wonderful things about the couple I will be living with so I’m not too nervous. They have two grown sons who live on their own and have been hosting students since their own sons moved out. They live in an apartment downtown, which I have a feeling I will absolutely love, and enjoy going out after dinner to bask in the nightlife. I can’t wait to meet them! One thing I’ve got to mention that might shock some people is that there are no clothes dryers in most homes in Oviedo. It’s all about the clotheslines & air dry. That is going to be a big adjustment for me but I’ll make sure to update everyone on how that is working for me.

Be sure to stay tuned for pictures and other exciting posts, I’m off to start my packing list!

One thought on “The Final Stretch

  1. Laura: I believe that you will fall in love with Oviedo, and Asturias of course; there is a lot to do and discover. Have a good time!!!!! Saludos desde Arriondas, Asturias.

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