Toddler Boredom Busters: Soap, Music, and Birds

By Kristen

I’ve been told that when I was little I was out of control, always searching for new stuff to do. Can you imagine? A 4-year-old running around touching and playing with everything she can get her hands on? I mean, let’s be honest, this is the sign of a healthy child. It is important for all children to explore and learn with their hands.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled onto a site that is written by Lauren Mira, a mother of twins who writes about her children and her life. Mira is a graduate from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where she specialized in visual communications and graphic design. When her hands are not full, she is creating fun, easy, and safe ways for her children to explore, create and play. Her personal blog, Mixie Studio, is filled with tons of crafts and inspirations for everyone, especially children.

One of my favorite blog posts on her site is “Keeping the Kids Busy: Toddler Boredom Busters!” Here are some of the crafts and activities that she recommends in this post to help your children keep busy during the summer days:

1) Playing with soapy water – This is one easy way for children to have fun and stay clean. Mira suggests using different cups and bowls filled with soapy water so children can play by pouring different amounts of water into various cups. Bring out funnels and spray bottles to amp up the fun. Your children will be busy for hours, and it’s also mom friendly!

2) Easy bird feeders – Save your toilet paper rolls! Use them for bird feeders: have your children cover the rolls in peanut butter and roll them in bird seeds, it’s cheap, simple and fun.

3) Make a music bin – Children love making noises! So fill a bin with assorted instruments, noisemakers, and old pots and pans for them to play with. Kids will love pulling out everyday items to make music.

These are just some of Mira’s tips on breaking boredom; to check out more, visit her site!

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