Top 5 Ways to Decorate For Fall

By Serena Piper

With Fall upon us, it can be overwhelming deciding how to decorate for the season. Magazines bombard us with their pretty pictures of professionally decorated homes, but are their ideas affordable? Not usually. Pinterest tempts us with ideas we add to our own to-do lists (as in, to do eventually), but most of the time we pin and forget.

No worries! I’ve put together a list of the top five easiest and most Fall-inspired ways to decorate your home. All of the items on the list would make a great Friday night or weekend activity to do with family, friends, or even the kids!

Photo by Ben Fulton

1. Go natural.

One of the easiest ways to decorate quickly and inexpensively is to use what you already have. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a park you frequent, grab some fallen branches full of richly colored leaves, and take them home and place in a tall vase. Put the vases in the corners of each room or use them as a centerpiece.

2. Fireplace or no fireplace.

Got a fireplace? Cover the mantle with fake straw and arrange a variety of decorated pumpkins and gourds on it. Don’t have a fireplace? Use a windowsill or the middle of your dining room table. Add a few candles for a brightly lit, romantic centerpiece. Got a fireplace that doesn’t work? Fill it with painted or carved pumpkins!

3. Lacy decor.

Try this DIY Halloween wreath we discovered on Pinterest. Want something a little more simple? Get the kids to cut out paper leaf shapes and tape them to the front door, inside or out. You could also tape them to the inside of the windows as inexpensive “window clings.”

4. Get cozy.

What do you think of when you see big pillows and cozy blankets? It’s warm and inviting, right? Fall is the time to break out any blankets you packed away for the summer. Bring them out to show off in your bedroom or living room. You just might find yourself cozying up to read a book or take a nap!

5. The little things.

You don’t always have to go big or go home. Changing the color and/or pattern of your place mats, tablecloths, and curtains is another great, easy way to decorate for Fall. You can find these items for an affordable price at a dollar store, but Target and craft stores usually have good deals too.

Let us know what you choose to do! Happy decorating!

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