Having Fun Within Your Means

By Olivia Narvaez

While living on a budget, it often becomes apparent that the squeeze on your wallet limits many aspects of life, especially entertainment. Finding ways to entertain yourself is a hard task when thinking about how much everything costs. Going to the movies, buying coffee daily, even going out for a quick bite to eat all add up to so many dollars that you could be saving.

The following are some great ways to have fun while still staying within a budget.

  • Free Concerts etc. in Entertainment Guides – Look at your city’s newspaper or entertainment guide regularly to see what free events are in town. You will be surprised to find how many free things there are to do; you just have to take the time to look for them. Free concerts, plays, and festivals are happening all over.
  • Museums & Libraries – Start heading to your local museums and libraries. These are places to relax and spend some time away from your house. And they often offer a number of free programs and events. Most museums have free or reduced cost days. Public libraries offer a great variety of books, music CDs, movie DVDs, and so much more.
  • Local Parks – Go for a walk in a park. Many local public parks offer walking trails, tennis courts, and other equipment free of charge. Bring your friends and family and spend some time out in nature.
  • Movie Night – Have a movie night at home. Instead of spending money to go to the theater, why not bring out some of your favorite movies that you own and watch them at home? Or go to your public library and check out some DVDs. Invite some friends if you like, pop some popcorn, and have an all night movie marathon.
  • Make Your Coffee – If you have a favorite coffee drink, look up a recipe and make it yourself.
  • Potluck with Friends – If you miss dining out, get together with a few friends for a potluck.

These are just a few different ways to have an enjoyable time out in your community for free. Don’t forget that there are many low cost ways to have fun. You just have to spend the time to look for those coupons or flip through that weekly digest to find them.

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