The Jesus Hike

By Laura Witherspoon

A few weeks ago, I hiked to the Jesus statue on top of Mount Naranco in Oviedo, Spain. The start of the hike is on the “Trail of the Monuments” among historic churches and buildings—sprinkled along the way as you start walking up.

The hike would have been fairly easy, but the tour guide got our group lost… twice, almost three times. Our guide thought it would be a good idea to go up a steeper, shorter trail, that is, until there was no trail to follow and we had to turn around. Then we started up another steep trail and were basically rock climbing. He stopped us to go ahead and “make sure” we could use that trail to reach the top.

Fed up and tired, a few of us decided to go back down and take the trail that was clearly marked—and that we knew would get us to the top. After about 15 more minutes of walking, we finally could see the paved path to the Jesus statue!

When we reached the top, I was amazed by the statue and the panoramic views of Oviedo. It was so beautiful and worth all the confusion.

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