Wolf Hunt: Inhumane or Necessary?

By Christina Stephens

Wolves, nearly extinct in the United States not long ago, are making a comeback. Their numbers have increased exponentially since the federal government added sanctions to protect the species in 1973. In fact, their population has grown large enough to warrant their removal from the endangered species list. However, this success story doesn’t come without controversy.

Wolves versus Livestock

Farmers and ranchers in the Great Lakes region began complaining of increased wolf attacks in recent years. According to many, wolves in the area endanger their livelihood and economic profit, often menacing and killing their livestock.

The state response to the problem is something the U.S. hasn’t seen in years: a legalized wolf-hunt. Wisconsin and Minnesota are the first states to permit a state sanctioned wolf-hunting season. Licensed hunters have already killed an estimated 42 wolves in Wisconsin’s first inaugural hunting season. The numbers will continue to grow as wolf-hunting season in Minnesota begins this weekend.

What Do You Think?

These wolf-hunts are hotly contested. Many animal rights groups are against them, fearing it will undo all the work we’ve done to protect and increase wolf populations. Farmers in the region deem them necessary for their own economic survival. What do you think of a legalized wolf-hunting season? Do you sympathize with the farmers and their livelihoods, the wolves, or both? Let us know: Log in and add your comments below.

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