How to Make Your Own Thanksgiving Decorations

By Lexi Reeve

We’re in the midst of the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Most likely, you will be celebrating the day with family and friends, and that means that your out of town relatives could potentially be making an appearance. Besides the food, one of the first things people notice is the holiday decor on the dinner table. So, decorate to impress by making your own arrangement with homemade decor!

Here is a list of beautiful decorations that are inexpensive and easy to make!

Spray painted silver and gold pine cones
Silver and gold pine cones, photo copyright Beta J

  • Spray painted gold or silver pine cones
  • Bowls filled with candy corn with a candle centerpiece
  • Pressed leaves sealed and ironed (quickly) in wax paper
  • Vase filled with hay and corn
  • Mini pumpkins painted (puff paint or glitter) to spell out “thanks”
  • Jars of corn kernels, candy corn, acorns, or berries
  • Feathers attached to the end of pine cones to look like turkeys (add a face)
  • Pressed leaf with the name of your guest painted on and set on their plate
  • Spray painted gold or silver feathers

Of course you can always be more traditional by placing small pumpkins around the table or simple candles, but why not have fun with it? You could even entertain visiting kids the day of by having a craft table near by so that they can make the decorations themselves (except the ones involving the iron)! They would love it and it would give you a chance to cook, entertain, or catch up with long distance relatives. Just remember to enjoy the holiday and give thanks to friends and family.

Candy Corn can be a fun and festive Thanksgiving decoration
Candy corn is fun for Thanksgiving decorations, photo copyright Muffet

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