My 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

By Serena Piper

Halloween is officially over. Isn’t it crazy how fast time can fly? Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here and it’ll be time for festive feasts and family gatherings.

My favorite part about the holidays, besides cooking mouth-watering meals, is the decorating. As part of my job, I work with kids. We do fun crafts every time we see each other and by the time the holiday has come, we have quite a collection built up. I love seeing their excited faces after their project is complete; they love having something cool to show their parents. It reminds me of when I was little and how proud I would be when my mom took one of my works of “art” and stuck it to the fridge for all to see.

As Thanksgiving inches closer, there are numerous crafts you can do with your children to give them that feeling too, and some you can even place right at the dining table! Here are my top five favorites!

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Cut feather shapes out of orange, yellow, and red construction paper and tape them on the back of an empty toilet paper roll. Glue googly eyes and an orange construction paper nose and feet on the front. Wanna spice this turkey up even more? Buy some fake feathers from a craft store to incorporate in with the paper ones. See Toilet Paper Roll Turkey.

Felt Leaf Garland

Using different-colored pieces of felt (green, yellow, red, brown), trace real-life leaves or freehand leaf shapes onto them. Cut them out and thread them to each other (as shown in the photo). The directions say to use a sewing machine to trace the leaf veins, but you can also use black Sharpie. See Felt Leaf Garland.

Assorted buttons for Thanksgiving crafts with kids
Assorted buttons for Thanksgiving crafts, photo copyright Laineys Repertoire

Button Indian Corn Napkin Rings

A great conversation piece, these napkin rings will look great on your dining room table all throughout the month of November. Cut a 4-by-5-inch piece of felt and glue 12 Popsicle sticks to it side-by-side. There should be room at each end for them to overlap when you roll it up into a ring. Now glue on rows of colored buttons resembling that of an ear of corn! See Button Indian Corn Napkin Rings.

Thankful Tree

A bare tree branch stuck in a small flower pot full of art sand (or popcorn kernels) makes for a great “give thanks” tree. You can cut leaf shapes from colored paper, craft foam, or felt. Have each family member write what they’re thankful for in permanent marker on one of the leaves, slip a paper clip onto it and hang it from the tree. See Thankful Tree.

Edible Cornucopia

Just because Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean the sugary treats can’t continue! This delectable cornucopia, once boiled so the end can curl in, is filled with m&ms, candy corn, and assorted nuts. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and is the perfect Thanksgiving dessert! See Edible Cornucopia.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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