Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

By Serena Piper

As one of my friends said, Wreck-It Ralph is one of those movies that is better than the trailer hints.

Directed by Rich Moore, the animated comedy Wreck-It Ralph is about, well, Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly), the villain in the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr.. Tired of being the bad guy, Ralph dreams of being the good guy, a hero who wins medals at the end of each day and lives in a nice penthouse, like Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer), who fixes everything and is adored by everyone. To get his medal, Ralph has to game jump through another arcade game, Hero’s Duty, which is against the rules. While trying to play the hero, he inevitably “wrecks” everything and unleashes a deadly bug. To save the other arcade games, Ralph must find the bug and destroy it. Now Ralph will discover what being a hero really means.

Wreck-It Ralph movie graphic
Scene from Wreck-It Ralph movie, copyright Disney

Would It Be Worth Going?

The theater was packed when I saw this. It was about 7:30 on a Friday night; parents brought their little kids, teenagers brought their friends, and some people brought their dates. After seeing the movie trailer, I was a little nervous about paying full price ($8.50 in Eugene). For a children’s movie, would it be worth it? Alas, I forked over the money, and prepared myself to not expect too much, just in case. Fortunately, it was a great movie.

Will you understand it if you’re not a video game player? I think so, as long as you understand that there are quite a few real-life video game references. Sonic the Hedgehog makes a cameo, a lot of the sound effects are derived from actual video games (such as Mario), and other video games are referenced occasionally.

It’s funny, there is fresh dialogue, and an interesting storyline with a little twist at the end. If you’re looking for something cheerful to see with friends on a rainy day, I would definitely recommend Wreck-It Ralph.

More about Wreck-It Ralph:

Wreck-It Ralph movie poster
Wreck-It Ralph movie, copyright Disney

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