Spend Vs. Save

By Tamara Feingold


1. Shoes: Spend

Besides the occasional summer sandal or party heel, shed some extra cash on shoes. Don’t make the mistake of getting those tall leather boots for a too-good-to-be-true price; they’ll likely disintegrate in the rain before the season is over.  Instead, find quality boots and flats that will last multiple seasons. Choose simple colors (black or dark brown) and you’ll be able to wear them with most of your outfits.

2. Tops: Save

Add a wider variety of tops to your wardrobe by skipping over-priced trends. Buy simple tops at inexpensive stores or more daring pieces at thrift stores. Because you won’t be wearing the same tops as often as other clothes, quality isn’t as important here. Buying used tops will ensure an individual style and will save you more money for layers and statement pieces.

3. Jeans: Spend

There’s no need to shell out hundreds for those rhinestone-encrusted stitched-pocketed designer duds, but try to find jeans that will survive the fall season. Despite what you may think, people can tell those worn spots and shredded knees weren’t factory-made. Buying just a couple of pairs of semi-spendy jeans that truly fit your body will boost your confidence and lower the number you need to buy. Wash them inside-out in cold water and let them hang to dry for longer lasting denim that won’t stretch out.

4. Jewelry: Save

Despite what you’ve heard, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. There’s no denying that the high-value jewel is appropriate for certain special occasions, but for everyday jewelry try to pick up some vintage finds. Thrift stores, garage sales, and antique stores can all offer jewelry jackpots. The exception? Offer up a little extra cash for rings; cheap metal will turn your fingers green in no time.

5. Bags: Spend

Spending more on quality bags, especially backpacks and book bags, will save you in the long run. Inexpensive bags used often will lead to broken straps and ripped lining. Instead, find a simple purse that shows your style and carry it without worry of wearing out. It’s okay to save on clutches and crossbodies though; bags that won’t be stuffed aren’t in danger of drooping.

Save Vs. Spend Metroleta by tamfeingold featuring lucky brand bags


Frye low heels

Lucky brand bag

Teardrop jewelry

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