About Metroleta

Innovative Thinking

Metroleta is a way for YOU to help children without having to donate money or volunteer your time. It is FREE TO EVERYONE.

The time you spend on the Metroleta website is converted into advertising dollars that directly goes to building our Children’s Fund. This fund will be used for building social tools that can address the social issues faced by children today.

Our first such social tool is called the SCHOOL-ZONE.

The Metroleta School-Zone

The SCHOOL ZONE is our first SOCIAL TOOL. It is a program that provides useful communications and online tools for elementary school teachers, children, and families for FREE. (You have to be a teacher or an invited parent to use it). When members of the Metroleta community use the Metroleta Website (http://Metroleta.Com), they earn POINTS.These points can be redeemed by teachers for FREE School Supplies and Snacks for their classrooms.

Metroleta Philosophy


We don’t have investors nor venture capital to support our work. When we started Metroleta, we decided that FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE WILL BE OUR CORE PHILOSOPHY. We understand very clearly that outside investment can interfere with our social innovation. So, METROLETA WILL NOT DEPEND ON EXTERNAL FUNDING (LIKE COMMERCIAL OR GOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT) for its operation. AND EXCEPT FOR THIS START-UP PHASE, METROLETA WILL NOT DEPEND ON DONATIONS EITHER.

Despite having to start from scratch, we have already built an organization around Metroleta. The website you’re on right now, its content, marketing materials, and so on, were all developed through the good graces of our talented teams. And there’s more to come from them.

BUT, we do not intend to depend upon the generosity of our member community year after year. And while we will continue using volunteers when we can, we don’t intend to be a volunteer organization either. That is why we are building a robust business around Metroleta so we can create revenue directly.

Our goal is to create projects that will establish and continue to build our Children’s Fund—year after year.

Since our strongest ability is designing advanced technology,we decided to make it the core business foundation of Metroleta.The METROLETA VIRTUAL METROPOLIS is the center-piece of this effort. This new kind of software we are designing will benefit our future members, and create the FUND that we can use to help children everywhere.

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